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Study Hopes To Address Online Problem Gambling

Gambling has been prevalent on the internet for many years now attracting its share of players from around the world, both the young and the not so young. Online poker has become a popular form of gambling with thousands of sites in existence providing thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash prizes. From 1994, the online gaming industrys revenues jumped from $30 million to approximately $100 billion by 2004.

Unfortunately for many players including those who fancy poker, online gambling has become more than just a form of entertainment and has turned into an addiction. This fact is what led two people, Caroline Jawad and Stephen Griffiths, to conduct a study in a bid to provide solutions to what they call problem gambling as differentiated from responsible gambling. Seeing a lack of research on responsible gambling and protection options for players, Jawad expects their recommendations to help organizations in designing prevention and education services meant for problem gamblers.

So far, previous surveys only provided basic yet very little information on player protection efforts. These include age limits, limits to setting time, money and loss as well as provision of on-site counselor.

Meanwhile, a 2008 survey by eCogra failed to delve much on players attitudes. It only showed that women are actually the ones spending more time playing in online casinos than men. The difference is that they spend only little money compared to men who are big spenders despite the little playing time they spend on the internet. Online gamblers have also been found to go after the big bonuses, the variety when it concerns games and the depositing options.

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