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Poker stress? Need to relax??

The losses.  The drinking.  The tough decisions – bet or fold … bet or fold … bet or fold.  Am I addicted?  Will I loose my #*!&* NETELLER $$?

Do you need to RELAX because of poker stress??

In line with my previous post about the decadence of Vegas, here are some ways to take easing your stress to new levels:

… At the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, there’s a relaxation butler, who’ll provide you with the perfect pillow, herbal tea and calming music before bed.

… You can call for the bath sommelier at the Fairmont Chicago, to draw your bath with soothing oil and aromatic therapy.


… A little chilly?  The fireplace butler will make you a fire to keep you warm at the Ritz-Carlton, Boston.

… Or, getting too much sun?  The tanning butler will put on your choice of suntan lotions at the South Beach hotel.

Amazing, aren’t they?  Sorry I can’t offer these services here!

(For relaxation exercises for the rest of us, click here.)


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One Response to “Poker stress? Need to relax??”

  1. Suber on February 1st, 2007 3:50 pm

    Hmmm…This post sounds so familiar. Now where might I have read this before? Could it be http://www.howtocopewithpain.org? Should I reeeee….lax….?

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