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Online Poker Sites Hit By Bad Economy

Several poker sites on the internet have attracted quite a large following mostly men. This is especially true for subscription based poker rooms that offer huge amounts of cash prizes to both neophytes and professional players hungry for money. With the global financial crisis not seen to be resolved in the near future, who wouldnt want to crave for more money in the pocket?

Unfortunately, some of these poker sites have also been badly affected by the economic crisis. Some have even closed shop. One victim is Duplicate Poker which announced that it wont be able to provide further service to its players as a result of the global financial slump. The announcement was made just after the site welcomed its 250,000th member.

Fleet Street Games is another victim. The site ceased operations end of October 2008 pointing to the bad economy as the main culprit. The website announced that closing down was a very tough decision as the management initially expected it could sustain the online poker business.

Luckily, several subscription based poker rooms are still fighting it out. PurePlay, for instance, continues to offer more than $150,000 cash prize for its players. The site that claims to be the biggest legal cash poker room in the U.S. charges a monthly membership fee of $19.99 from its players. The big boss of this site is confident about their business saying that they are dedicated to give players a playing field where theres no risk of losing any money.

ClubWPT also provides $100,000 cash prize to members every month and a chance to take part in the WPT championship. This highly anticipated event takes place every April in Las Vegas. ClubWPT also holds tournaments that are aired on cable TV.

So it seems that even with an economic slump, people can still hope to win big bucks via these online poker rooms. Why not give it a shot?

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