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What happened to Baccarat?

Gone are the days of the dapper, dashing James Bond. in the 60’s and 70’s Jimbo would be in command of every situation, never get a smudge on his suit, and only engage in the classiest activities.  That’s why he played the high brow, gentleman’s game of baccarat. Now we have…

Poker in the limelight

I was thinking recently about how poker becoming televised has affected the game. I don’t mean the community at large. Obviously that has changed a great deal. I never even knew of a professional poker circuit before ESPN started making a big deal out of the world series. The number of players and spectators is […]

Shatner… part deux

In this post I will relate the card table demeanor of the shat man himself. I think this picture is a pretty good encapsulation of it…

The New Guy tells his favorite poker story

Hello everybody. As this is my first post, I am going to introduce myself to you all by regailing you with a story that I always tell when the conversation turns to either poker or Star Trek.  “Star Trek? what does poker have to do with start trek?” you say “I’m glad you asked” I […]

Chasing It at Full Tilt Poker

After waiting about a month, I got my $50 no deposit bonus through YourPokerCash to play at Full Tilt Poker.   I had already received a $50 no deposit bonus through YPC to play at Ultimate Bet, which only took me about a week to get, but I had lost that money, and I wanted more action.  […]

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