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Paris Hilton Offered New Bentley

When youre young, rich and famous, you can do just about anything you want to do. This is true not only in the movies but even in real life. Just take the case of Hollywood celebrity and heiress Paris Hilton. This young lady has hogged the headlines in recent years being involved in a variety […]

An Amusing Poker Story from Macau

   Macau is hosting it’s first poker tournament ever, so the local dealers had to be trained from scratch.  The following online report is about one of these poker dealers.   “During the $300 mega-satellite on the first day, we had a dealer at our table who was new and pretty nervous as it was his […]

Poker tragedy: amateur poker player Frank Desena was murdered November, 1, 2007

Frank Desena, 55, of Wayne NJ was murdered Thursday night Nov 1, during an 11PM  robbery at the just re-opened Straddle Club at 28th and 5th.  I heard about this tragedy from a friend of mine named Steve, who had played poker with Frank at the old Mayfair club in NYC.   Frank was one of the small group […]

Two Noteworthy Stories Concerning Neteller

                                                                       Neteller used to provide payment services to online gambling Web sites.  I used the company to transfer money in and out of online poker rooms.   After the American government cracked down on online poker and Neteller’s two founders were arrested, Neteller stopped dealing with online poker rooms.  They also froze the deposits of American players, which meant that they […]

Loss Aversion: What to do about it?

I have written about loss aversion before.  It is the irrational tendency that people have to prefer avoiding losses rather than acquiring gains.  I know I have this problem, which becomes highlighted when I play poker.  I’m sure that if I could deal with it better, I would become a much better poker player. Why do […]

Marc Salem – potentially the best poker player who ever lived

You have to watch this video of Marc Salem.  It is simply amazing what this guy can do in terms of reading peoples’ behavior.  I am certain that he would make a phenomenal poker player, always knowing what other players are holding.  There is a philosophical view called behaviorism.  According to an unsophisticated version of the view, mental […]

PokerMoments transforms into The National Enquirer

Did Nicole Richie get breast augmentation?  What’s the scoop on Clay Aiken’s new hairstyle??  Is Pamela Anderson headed for a breakdown???  Well, we don’t know any of that, but here’s what secret we do know… As a follow up to our review on Bringing Down the House, the exciting book by Ben Mezrich about MIT […]

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