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From the Ivy League to the Big Leagues; a Story of a Champion Poker Player

Did you see the story in a recent edition of the Trenton (New Jersey) Times? It’s the story (I want to give them full credit for digging it up) of a former Princeton student, former varsity wrestler, who’s made a ton of money playing poker. He began in 2003, about the time the poker craze […]

Trapped Chilean Miners Passing the Time by Playing Poker

I know that I usually write about poker tournaments, or poker players or strategies, but I just couldn’t pass this little bit of upbeat information pass you all by. In case you hadn’t heard… You know…the Chilean miners trapped underground, thank God still alive…but unlikely to be freed for a few months are passing the […]

Poker Playing “Loser” is a Winner; it’s All About the Name

This is a story one of my U.K. scribes sent me the other day. It obviously happened in Europe, but I think it’s pretty funny. The definition of lower is:a person with a record of failing; someone who loses consistently. Ok, I’ll buy that. It would hardly be considered the most flattering name for a […]

The Battle to Legalize Online Gambling Continues; All is Not Lost

These postings are normally light hearted or just news reporting about the world of poker, how to play, where to play, who is playing. But the U.S. Congress is trying to take away all that. I mean, with the state of the economy, doesn’t it make sense to just let us play and then tax […]

Poker Playing Priest Close to Winning $1 Million

I love this story, which I first heard about through the Catholic News Service. It’s about a very cool, poker-playing Catholic priest, who just beat one of the world’s top poker players in a national poker contest aired on a Fox TV show, winning $100,000 that he says he’ll donate to his church’s new building […]

Paris Hilton Offered New Bentley

When youre young, rich and famous, you can do just about anything you want to do. This is true not only in the movies but even in real life. Just take the case of Hollywood celebrity and heiress Paris Hilton. This young lady has hogged the headlines in recent years being involved in a variety […]

The Poker Know-It-All

I hadn’t played any home games in a very long time. The guys that I first got into poker with when we were young teenagers had stopped getting together for a while so I was left without a fun home game atmosphere to indulge in. But recently, they have started up again, although still infrequently […]

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