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Short handed limit hold’em strategies

Six handed limit holdem is unlike any other form of online poker around. Because of the limit nature of the betting then when you come into the pot then you must do so either betting or raising before the flop. To better see why this is the case then consider the money that is in […]

Full Tilt Poker Scores A Knockout: Signs Up Heavyweight Boxing Contender

Don’t you just love it when celebrities are signed up to promote various gambling sites? I do. Nothing wrong with it at all. So kudos to Full Tilt Poker for signing up with a true heavyweight boxing contender, Audley Harrison. And he’s no fluke. No novice to poker tournaments. The dude is damned good. The […]

Alcohol and a side game

This Thursday I took a few rough beats to get knocked out of the tournament (KK to 88 – they hit a straight, and JJ to 1010 – 10 on the river), and went back to the room to drown my sorrows in a few good games of beer pong. Needless to say by the […]

Keeping your focus

One of the hardest things to do in any form of poker, be in tournament or cash game, is keeping your focus. I can usually play for two hours no problem playing as well as I know how but I notice that once I pass a certain threshold my play starts to slip or I […]

Lots of cash games lately

Sorry for not posting lately, I’ve been busy with school, mother’s day, and lots of poker haha! I placed 2nd in our Thursday night tournament for $150 and made $50 in the Monday ring game, but since those were so long ago I won’t go into any hands in those games. This weekend I went […]

Playing passive lost me money!

Hi, my name is Steven, and I played passive in a cash game. Hi, Steven! Monday night we played $0.25/$0.50 NL and I was playing my usual style, but I was playing too passive. Instead of playing 5 or 6 handed we were 8 handed, and my loose preflop style and passive post flop play […]

A night of poker

Tonight I went out to an American Legion game with Ben (www.college-startup.com), and after being ripped off by a taxi driver who went quite the roundabout way to get to the legion, we played some poker. The game was a $40 freezeout (no rebuys), and after the taxi ride ($30) I was looking to climb […]

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