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Lawyers to Judge: Online Poker isn’t Really Gambling … and Here’s Why…

I don’t know if you saw this item in the news … but I find it kind of interesting that defense lawyers for a Utah banker and a businessman indicted on gambling charges are attempting to convince a judge that online poker isn’t really gambling. The argument is aimed at crippling a prosecution that seeks to […]

Californians Speak: Gimme (Legal) Online Poker

Seems like Californians are for online poker. If it would help bring more revenue for the cash-starved state. The Field Poll (which I’ve never heard of, I must confess) released one of the first public indications of voter sentiment on an issue that has consumed Capitol negotiations without producing a deal. Fifty-three percent of registered voters […]

What Do You Do (WSOP) When Your Biggest Sponsors (Online Casino Sites) Have Been Busted in U.S.A.?

Well, the headline above says it all. What do you do when your leading sponsors have been busted by the U.S. feds? Obviously, the World Series of Poker officials have a problem. The WSOP is on the search

Forces Gearing Up to Lobby for a U.S. Online Poker Bill

After all the tumult caused by the busting of online gambling officials, the industry, quite rightly, is fighting back. The American Gaming Association (AGA) is now working towards an online poker bill, which will likely be introduced to the U.S. Congress in the next month or so, as lawmakers and casino executives have been in […]

Trouble in Paradise: Shutting Down of Online Sites Leaves Poker Companies Cash Poor

Well, damn it. One of three online poker companies named last month in a federal indictment will be forced to enter bankruptcy, leaving American card players with money on deposit with the Absolute and UB poker sites at least temporarily empty handed. I’m not one of those with money on deposit, but I am pissed […]

Outrageous! Attack on Three Major Online Gambling Sites Shocks Players: How Do YOU Feel?

As you all know by now, this happened last Friday…black Friday it is being called in some circles. According to Bloomberg News, “about 76 bank accounts in 14 countries have been frozen, preventing players from accessing balances held by the online betting companies. Eleven people were charged last week. The indictments were against the founders […]

Wow: Can You Believe it? American Gaming Association (the Casino Industry Trade Group) Comes Out in Support of Legalizing Online Poker

I was surprised to see on Friday that the casino industry’s top trade group, The American Gaming Association, has come out in support of online poker. This is the same effort being made by

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