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Californians Speak: Gimme (Legal) Online Poker

Seems like Californians are for online poker. If it would help bring more revenue for the cash-starved state. The Field Poll (which I’ve never heard of, I must confess) released one of the first public indications of voter sentiment on an issue that has consumed Capitol negotiations without producing a deal. Fifty-three percent of registered voters […]

After Black Friday (of Online Poker…April 15), Players Gravitating to Smaller, Less Well-Known Sites to Play

Did the U.S. government actually think that closing down major online casinos would end online gambling? Look, the feds are smart. They had to know that gamblers would just gravitate to lesser known sites. And that’s exactly what is happening, according to players who email me. While Absolute Poker, UB.com, Full Tilt Poker, and PokerStars […]

The Will to Poker

Who is this mustachioed gentleman gracing a poker blog? He is not a famous gambler of old. The ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche – one of the most influential philosophers in the last two hundred years – can pretty much be interpreted as having application everywhere, including poker. He gets a bad rap because his writings […]

The Best Poker Song

No, it is not The Gambler. My personal favorite poker song is The Card Cheat by The Clash From their seminal album London Calling, this song is a great example of what a great band The Clash was. They were as punk as any british street kid but weren’t confined by the standards of the […]

The Metagame – some greek shit

This concept is another important aspect of poker; indeed, it’s crucial for any game that is to be taken seriously. The nature of poker, however, gives it even more weight. Everyone interacts with the metagame to some extent, though the very best players are conciously aware of it and understand its ins and outs as […]

The Corpus Clock

Ok, now this post is not going to be about poker, but I promise you that it is well worth me using my bullhorn to the internet to tell you all about it. And besides, poker tends to attract people who are in the math/science/engineering fields anyway so it shouldn’t be too hard for anyone […]

The Poker Know-It-All

I hadn’t played any home games in a very long time. The guys that I first got into poker with when we were young teenagers had stopped getting together for a while so I was left without a fun home game atmosphere to indulge in. But recently, they have started up again, although still infrequently […]

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