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Think Like a “Titan”; 6th Anniversary Tournament an Attractive Play

I got this P.R. from titanpoker.com the other day. Oh, geez. Another B.s. email, self promoting crap. And then I realized, hey, this is titan and I’ve played on titanpoker and actually enjoyed. It is European based and I played it when I was in Europe, by the way. Now, to celebrate its 6th anniversary, Titan […]

Go Tell the Titan: Online Poker Site Offering Discounts, Trying to Catch Your Attention (It Did Mine)

OK… I know this is an advertisement in a way (and I hate being a shill), but this sounds like a good deal for those of us who play poker online. Anyway, it’s worth a look. Anyone who has played at titanpoker.com, please let me know about your experience. I plan on playing this weekend,

Playing Poker Online: For Beginners, Take Tutorials, Play Free and Then Win

Every once in a while viewers email me asking about the nuances of poker playing, and I always say that what I do here every week is report on trends, games, tournaments, players and… yes, strategies. In other words, I’m not pretending to be an expert. I love playing. I win. I lose. But I […]

Got an Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod? Now You Can Play Poker too (Except in U.S.)

It was only a matter of time before companies would devise apple compatible poker sites. Now, thanks to Switchpoker.com, it’s ready to go. Three-years in the making, Switchpoker.com allows online poker players to play real money poker on their iPads, iPods, and iPhones. Of course, the site is web based. Players can simply sign up […]

WSOP Main Event Week Continues on Full Tilt

Ok, for the up-teenth time, I hate running press releases because they are pure spin. On the other hand, guys, getting press releases does keep me informed about events I might not have known about otherwise. Like the World Series of Poker Main Event Week running until June 2o on Full Tilt Poker. Full Tilt, […]

The Poker Wars Between Online Casinos Heats Up. And Guess What? Players are the Winners

Ain’t competition great? I mean, without competition and the need to outdo each other…in trying to attract players to their web sites, we wouldn’t have innovations like RUSH POKER, the latest from Full Tilt Poker. Full Tilk Poker, of course, and their rival web site, PokerStars, are fighting it out for your dollars. And we […]

How About a Dream Job?: $100,000 a Year to Play Poker Online

There is a pretty cool site called PokerStars that I haven’t really looked into, but what I little I DO know about them is…they rock, when it comes to promotions. Keeping in mind that I still need to look at them for you, this came across my computer screen. It’s a promotion open only to […]

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