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From $5 to $564 – Am I turning into a poker shark?

I’ve won $564!!!  You heard me.  $564!!!!  And it all started with a measly $5 no-deposit bonus at JonWoodGaming. I didn’t win all of the $564 at JWG.  $464 was won at JWG, and as I’ve explained in a previous post much of this money – I would estimate about half – was won because there was […]

LTD Poker is a Scam

I have lost my patience with LTD Poker. I thought I was going to get a $50 bonus from them for signing up with Noble Poker, as indicated on their website. However, after about a month of waiting I have received nothing, nada, zilch. I would get replies to my email querries, initially indicating that […]

Free Money to Play Poker Online

I’m always looking for opportunities to play online poker without having to pay any money.  I recently found such an opportunity at PokerSourceOnline.  They’re this affiliate that gives you stuff – eg poker books, poker chips, poker tables – if you sign up with an online poker room that they sponsor.  I believe that to […]

My Initial Thoughts On Rakeback Programs

I’ve been reading up on rakeback programs and the alleged problems with them and I don’t really understand why so many people are opposed to them, at least on ethical grounds. The concept of a rakeback isn’t difficult to understand. It is based on the concept of the rake. Out of every pot the poker […]

A Poker Affiliate Co-Operative?

Suber’s thoughts on poker affiliate kickbacks got me thinking.  What if we setup a Poker Affiliate Co-operative whereby the only requirement for membership is that you signup through our affiliate program and play the appropriate amount of real money so that we get our incentive.  Once a member, you receive an initial bonus ($50 for […]


I’ve been reading up on “rakebacks” and trying to understand why certain online poker rooms, like Party and Paradise, do not allow them, and may even be cracking down on affiliates who offer them. In short the problem seems to be that many affiliates who offer rakebacks do unscrupulous things. In a later post I […]

Are Poker Affiliates Financially Futile?

According to Bill, at Bill’s Poker Blog, it is difficult for a poker blogger to make good money from poker affiliate programs. He figures that a poker blogger would need about 500,000 ad viewers to earn at most $150. How does he get these numbers? I’ll explain, but first I need to define some terms. […]

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