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Celebs you might not know were Poker Players

Embed from Getty Images There are plenty of people across the globe who play Poker in their free time, some in their friend’s backroom, some at an online casino, and this love of the game extends even to the rich and famous. With the extra bankroll, it’s probably no surprise so many of them have […]

How To Keep Winning

Its impossible to win or lose constantly. Sooner or later, any player (even the most experienced one) loses. However, those players who are concentrated on the game itself rather than on the idea of winning are always successful. In this article, we will tell you how to keep winning at online casinos. We recommend you […]


Who doesnt want to be a Very Important Person (VIP)? Even the most reserved among us harbour secret delights to be treated in a special way. It makes you feel great, it makes you smile, it makes you laugh and it makes you happy. Happiness is everything and if being a VIP contributes to that […]

Full Tilt Poker and Others Fighting Back; Will U.S. Legalize Online Gambling?

Did you see the article printed recently in the NY Times about online gambling. Very, very interesting. The story is about Jesus Ferguson and Howard Lederer, founders of Full Tilt Poker…which until they were busted by the U.S. FBI, was the gambling palace of choice on the web for millions of players. As the years […]

If You’re Outside the U.S., Check Out Titanpoker.com’s Tournament

Because of the April busts by federal agents, I have to begin this posting by noting that if you are going to play online poker,  do it while you are outside the U.S. Once away from America, online gambling is generally legal. And the ONLY sites I write about are legitimate and not about to […]

Could it Be? Congressman Authoring Bill to Make Betting on Online Poker Legal

Well, yahoo. Texas U.S. Rep. Joe Barton,  is said to be readying a bill that would make it legal for Americans to bet money on online poker. It’s about time someone had the balls to try this. Barton said he was urged to act via Facebook by many of his constituents who play poker online […]

What Do You Do (WSOP) When Your Biggest Sponsors (Online Casino Sites) Have Been Busted in U.S.A.?

Well, the headline above says it all. What do you do when your leading sponsors have been busted by the U.S. feds? Obviously, the World Series of Poker officials have a problem. The WSOP is on the search

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