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New Poker Movie Now Showing

Poker fans should not miss this new All In: The Poker Movie. This may not be the usual movie with a plot that youre used to watching but its actually a documentary that will most probably help you get a better understanding of the poker industry. Directed by Douglas Tirola, the docu film premiered last […]

What happened to Baccarat?

Gone are the days of the dapper, dashing James Bond. in the 60’s and 70’s Jimbo would be in command of every situation, never get a smudge on his suit, and only engage in the classiest activities.  That’s why he played the high brow, gentleman’s game of baccarat. Now we have…

Look out Danny Ocean, you’re not the only con in town

Unfortunately for this motley group of would be casino scammers, they did not make out quite so well as Mr. Clooney and  Mr. Pitt did in the Ocean’s 11 films. Four men were recently indicted in an attempted high stakes theft in the Borgata Casino/Hotel according to this article from PressofAtlanticCity.com. Apparently the foursome attempted […]

PokerMoments Interview with Ben Mezrich, Now Hollywood Author

After reviewing Bringing Down the House here at PokerMoments and then hearing a movie is in the works based on the book, we thought we’d like to chat with the writer, Ben Mezrich. Little did we know what a great sense of humor this Harvard-educated storyteller has. Here’s my conversation with him… Sparky: Congratulations on […]

PokerMoments transforms into The National Enquirer

Did Nicole Richie get breast augmentation?  What’s the scoop on Clay Aiken’s new hairstyle??  Is Pamela Anderson headed for a breakdown???  Well, we don’t know any of that, but here’s what secret we do know… As a follow up to our review on Bringing Down the House, the exciting book by Ben Mezrich about MIT […]

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