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What Do You Do (WSOP) When Your Biggest Sponsors (Online Casino Sites) Have Been Busted in U.S.A.?

Well, the headline above says it all. What do you do when your leading sponsors have been busted by the U.S. feds? Obviously, the World Series of Poker officials have a problem. The WSOP is on the search

Poker Playing “Loser” is a Winner; it’s All About the Name

This is a story one of my U.K. scribes sent me the other day. It obviously happened in Europe, but I think it’s pretty funny. The definition of lower is:a person with a record of failing; someone who loses consistently. Ok, I’ll buy that. It would hardly be considered the most flattering name for a […]

World Series of Poker Atlantic City Circuit Events Announced

This past week The World Series of Poker Circuit Event staff released the schedule of events, which offer 17 different tournaments (WOW!) in Atlantic City, New Jersey, from Dec. 4-20. The tournaments will range in length from one to three days and feature buy-ins from $230 to $5,150. But the largest buy in is for […]

willing to take the gamble that poker is a skill?

According to this article posted a few days ago, a Colorado court has ruled that poker is a game of skill and is therefore not gambling. The defendants in the case were cleared of charges related to illegal gambling for running a private poker game. By trotting out testimony of the amount of skill relative […]

Steven Lubet on Luck in Poker

                                                                         “In poker, it is often said that lucky breaks keep suckers at the table.” [A quote from Steven Lubet’s book Lawyer’s Poker: 52 Lessons that Lawyers Can Learn from Card Players]  There’s a story that Niels Bohr, the famous Physicist, had a horse shoe over his desk.  One day a student asked if he really […]

How Much Luck as a Factor Does the Polaris Experiment Really Eliminate?

                                                                           On July 23 and 24, the poker-playing computer named Polaris, will play against two humans, Phil Laak and Phil (aka the Unabomber) Laak and Ali Eslami.  I’ve written about this match here and here.  One of the interesting features of this heads-up poker duel between a computer and a human is that it is designed […]

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