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Full Tilt Poker and Others Fighting Back; Will U.S. Legalize Online Gambling?

Did you see the article printed recently in the NY Times about online gambling. Very, very interesting. The story is about Jesus Ferguson and Howard Lederer, founders of Full Tilt Poker…which until they were busted by the U.S. FBI, was the gambling palace of choice on the web for millions of players. As the years […]

So U.S. Baseball Superstar Likes to Play High Stakes Poker? Could Get Him in Hot Water (as in Suspended)

OK, so according to all the news reports I’ve read, seen and heard, Yankees’s all star third baseman (and future hall of famer) Alex Rodriguez is being investigated for allegedly playing in a high stakes (illegal) poker game. “We take this very seriously and have been investigating this matter since the initial allegation,” MLB said […]

What Do You Do (WSOP) When Your Biggest Sponsors (Online Casino Sites) Have Been Busted in U.S.A.?

Well, the headline above says it all. What do you do when your leading sponsors have been busted by the U.S. feds? Obviously, the World Series of Poker officials have a problem. The WSOP is on the search

Skill or Chance? South Carolina Judges to Decide (In Their Opinion) What Kind of Game Poker is…..

The South Carolina State Supreme Court is considering whether or not to overturn a Charleston judge’s 2009 decision that poker is a game of skill, therefore overturning the conviction of five Mount Pleasant gamers arrested in 2006. This will be interesting. I mean, beyond South Carolina, I can’t see this decision having any relevance at […]

Obama’s position on gambling

So there is finally new president on his way into the White House. He is going to have a litany of problems to deal with and I’m sure one of the most trivial will be regulating gambling. But it is of some concern to us so lets take a look at what sorts of things […]

Trailer Park Casino

They may seem silly or inane, but bumbling criminal stories are funny. Two men in Greenwood Mississippi were caught running illegal video poker machines out of a trailer. Link to the article here It’s no major felony, just a misdemeanor. What’s funny though is that someone called the police to inform them what was going […]

Promoting Poker As An Educational Tool

  (Picture above taken from NYTimes article) Recently there was a NYTimes article about a Harvard professor (Charles Nesson) and some of his students that formed a group that shows how poker can be used to teach cognitive skills. The name of their group is the Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society.   Their idea is a good one.   […]

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