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The SNIPER professional poker coaching and staking partnership

My name is Carl Sampson and a few of you may be already aware of my pen name of The Dean as I have authored several books on gambling and written for numerous main poker magazines in the past like the WPT and Bluff Europe and hundreds of websites. I am currently a poker pro […]

The Sniper Professional Poker System

I would now like to announce a project that I have been working on for quite some time in connection with Poker Pro Europe and Online Poker Pro magazines that I currently write for. This is Project Poker Pro or in other words, a coaching program that is designed by me to try and bring […]

Looking for a Poker Blogger – Want to be the Poker Guy for PokerMoments?

  PokerMoments is looking for someone to blog about poker.  There’s some money involved, but it’s not a lot.  Keep in mind there’s more to blogging than the money, e.g. the chance to express yourself, improve your writing skills, be part of a community, etc. I’ve had a couple people blog for PokerMoments and they wrote excellent posts.  For some […]

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