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When Palm Beachers Gamble, All is Well in the World: WSOP Comes to the Kennel Club

I spent quite a few years working in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach. And yes, I have even been inside Donald Trump’s Mar a Lago mansion, even though I am not rich. So I am happy to see this very cool event coming to the land of the rich and famous. The World Series […]

World Series of Poker Main Event Winner, a 23 Year-Old Canadian, Reflects on His Extraordinary Run to the Championship

I couldn’t have been happier about the results of this year’s World Series of Poker Main Event result if I had planned it all out myself. Go figure. What’s it like to be 23 years old and on top of the poker playing world. Huh? What’s it like Jonathan Duhamel… to be a multi millionaire […]

Poker Playing Priest Close to Winning $1 Million

I love this story, which I first heard about through the Catholic News Service. It’s about a very cool, poker-playing Catholic priest, who just beat one of the world’s top poker players in a national poker contest aired on a Fox TV show, winning $100,000 that he says he’ll donate to his church’s new building […]

Never play poker with your cat

I thought this was an amusing photo my wife sent me from the site “I Can Has Cheez Burger“.  I think cats would make much better poker players than dogs.  They are much more conniving and fearless.

DPP (Dogs Playing Poker)

I’m always curious about the origins of odd little bits of popular culture, especially when they relate specifically to things I like. So when I was thinking about pop culture references to poker, this was one of the first things I thought of. Everybody has seen these pictures but few know where they came from. […]

Trailer Park Casino

They may seem silly or inane, but bumbling criminal stories are funny. Two men in Greenwood Mississippi were caught running illegal video poker machines out of a trailer. Link to the article here It’s no major felony, just a misdemeanor. What’s funny though is that someone called the police to inform them what was going […]

Shatner… part deux

In this post I will relate the card table demeanor of the shat man himself. I think this picture is a pretty good encapsulation of it…

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