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What is a big hand in NLHE?

I still see many players failing to recognise big hands in poker when they see them. Hand strength in deep stack no limit cash games is different to other games like limit holdem and tournament no limit holdem for example and this then affects the overall strategy on sites like 888poker. In a deep stack […]

WSOP’s Main Event A Smashing Event, with 7,319 Entries (Second Most Ever)

You think people aren’t in to the World Series of Poker (season began in May)? Forgettaboutit. As Tony Soprano might say. Bad economy or no, people are still going to the WSOP’s main event this week in Vegas. This year’s Main Event drew 7,319 entries, second most in the 41-year history of a tournament that […]

Speaking of Poker Tables

Sponsored Post: Suber’s recent post on how to pick a poker table got me thinking about the finer side of poker. When you think about it, you could have a lot of fun selecting nice poker chips and ornate poker tables. Rather than going for cheap plastic all the time, why not go for high […]

Suber To Compete In PokerStars Tournament

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers. Registration code: 7330476

Americans bet 4 billion dollars online despite ban

While not everyone who plays poker actually wagers cash, most do. That’s part of the thrill. Part of the ride. According to a recent article at PhysOrg, Americans gambled away over 4 billion dollars last year. How much you wanna bet that a large part of that money was spent on a few games of […]

So who really bought the Poker Blog?

Deep down I think Ben must be a genius. Ok, I know he is. He is the former owner of ThePokerBlog.net, recently he sold it. He made a nice sum on it. And walked away. Losing the value right? Nah. See Ben joined Erati Media a division of BlogMedia Inc. He also brought his writer […]

Terrence Chan’s December Statistics

Professional poker player Terrence Chan, the former Director of Customer Support at PokerStars, has posted a summary (with graphs!) of his December online play at his weblog: All my sessions the first week were great, then disaster struck in the second week, then I had a relatively normal third week (due to not playing very […]

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