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Build Your Own Poker Table: Construction

Welcome back to the New Yankee Workshop. today we will be completing our poker table project. I may not be Norm Abrams but if you follow these instructions you will have yourself a nice casino sized poker table to make home games a lot more fun. The first step is to go back to the […]

Build Your Own Full Sized Poker Table: Getting Started

For kicks, a friend and I built ourselves a casino sized poker table to make home games a bit more fun and interesting. I came out pretty damn good if I do say so myself. It didn’t have any frills but it sits and deals like a casino table. Here’s how we did it. First […]

how to ring out that rag

Here’s a little discussion of how one might be able to get some mileage out of the rag ace that was so disparaged in the last post. There are times when it can pay off; the trick is recognizing those situations and disabusing oneself of thinking that it is a generally good hand. For reasons […]

Don’t get stuck in a Rut

Everybody has their own playing style. It’s like a fingerprint. Its something that is dictated by ones own personality as well as their personal poker playing history. but, that doesn’t mean it can’t change and it is especially important to use the perception of a particular style (or lack thereof) to its best advantage. Good […]


This is a poker variant that, for people who don’t play online, may be unfamiliar. Badugi has become more popular in America only recently. It can be found primarily online. I have never seen it in Atlantic City. From what I can find scouring the internet, it is very rare to find brick and mortar […]

clovers, tiles, and leaves

I think its high time I dropped some multiculturalism on you readers out there. Did you know that not everybody in the world does things the way American’s do? Shocking I know, but even when it comes to cards, there are cultural differences. In my chosen profession, I have the good fortune of meeting more […]

DAMN I’m a stud!

That’s right, stud poker is once again the object of inquiry here on poker moments. I have said many times before that the first serious poker games I played were 7-card stud and it stands to this day as one of my favorites. I read an interesting little article that reminded me of some of […]

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