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Jews and Poker (Part 2)

In a previous post about Jews and Poker I wondered whether there was a link between Judaism and the disproportionate number of Jews who are quite good professional poker players. I just read that the Torah prohibits gambling if it’s done as a profession or out of greed. This would count against the fact that […]

Poker and Philosophy: “Jewish Philosophy Wins the Pot: How Stu Ungar and Emmanuel Levinas Corralled the Texans”

Last month I received a collection of essays edited by Eric Bronson called “Poker and Philosophy: Pocket Rockets and Philosoper Kings.” I requested the book from the publisher Open Court and promised that I would give a review of it on this site.  Here is the first entry of this review.  There should be many […]

Yoga & Poker

[Editor’s Note: Ryan is the author of YogaWisdom and was asked to write a guest blog post for our “Poker & Religion” series] Poker is many things. It can be big business, a raging addiction, the making of a millionaire, or the breaking of a family to name a few. Poker is one way to […]

Adopting the “Quaker” Approach to Poker

I had two unpleasant poker experiences yesterday.  I lost all my free money ($10 – no deposit required), plus about $12 in winnings, at Crazy Poker, and I placed somewhere around 2500 out of 9000 entrants in a freeroll tournament at Poker Stars.  Perhaps I can attribute both of these performances to Gambler’s Ruin. Thanks […]

Quakerism and Poker

What would happen if Mrs. Bush became a peace-nik while George sent more and more $$ to Halliburton?  Or Mrs. Bill Gates started doing commercials for the Mac?  Well, my husband, who posts here, has become nearly addicted to online poker this spring, while I have become more involved in The Religious Society of Friends, […]

Jews and Poker

Yesterday my wife told me that she might submit a post to PokerMoments about poker and Quakerism. She’s a Quaker, and I remember her once telling me that Quakers don’t believe that playing the lottery is ethical. Perhaps they have similar views on poker, or gambling in general. I’m curious. I’m not a Quaker. I’m […]

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