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Apparently, things are more random in The Netherlands

or maybe their poker players simply aren’t as good. A Mathematics professor in The Netherlands is arguing the status of poker under Dutch law according to this article. The Dutch Betting and Gaming Act recognizes poker as a “game of chance” on par with other casino games. It is not clearly stated in the article […]

Barack Obama: Like Jefferson When It Comes To Gambling – Like Truman When It Comes To Poker

  I just read a brief piece about Senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama in The New Yorker called Aces by James McManus.   It was about Obama’s interest in the game of poker, even though he has been opposed to expanded legalized gambling.  McManus points out that there have been a number of American presidents who were fans […]

Don’t Poker Issues Matter to Presidential Politicians?

  About a week ago, I wrote to the presidential campaigns of Mike Huckabee, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Dennis Kucinich, Fred Thompson and Ron Paul to find out about their views on poker (see here).  Specifically, I wanted to know whether they play poker and how they feel about the […]

The 2008 Presidential Candidates and Their Views on Poker and the UIGEA

I just contacted the online campaigns of John Edwards, John McCain, Dennis Kucinich, Rudy Giuliani, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Ron Paul, Fred Thompson, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney to find out two things: (1) Whether they play poker (I already know that Barack plays – see here); (2) What their views are on the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) preventing […]

Drew Carey Reports on a Police Raid on a Poker Game in a VFW in Texas

When police begin to go after people playing low-stakes poker in VFW posts you know something’s going crazy. It’s apparently illegal in Texas for the house to make money off of a poker game, even if the money is being used for a charity. Keep in mind that it’s not illegal for the state of […]

Two Noteworthy Stories Concerning Neteller

                                                                       Neteller used to provide payment services to online gambling Web sites.  I used the company to transfer money in and out of online poker rooms.   After the American government cracked down on online poker and Neteller’s two founders were arrested, Neteller stopped dealing with online poker rooms.  They also froze the deposits of American players, which meant that they […]

Do Poker Players Need Soft Paternalism?

I read an interesting NY Times article by Jim Holt about a view called “soft paternalism,” the idea that you know what’s in your best self interest, but an external force, someone other than you (either the government or the private sector or your friends/family), will help you do it.  The article made me think about whether […]

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