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Women in Poker

This article (The “Ladies” Event at the World Series of Poker) is a bit old (last month) but it raises some questions that transcend poker that are no less relevant. Basically, the author highlights the fact that men cannot be excluded from the women’s championship at the world series of poker. Casinos are no more able […]

Celebrity Poker: Lauren Graham and Mathew Perry

I can understand peoples’ fascination with celebrities. I ocassionally like to check out a little PopCrunch. But what’s with watching this celebrity poker? These people don’t know what they’re doing. It’s so painful to watch. It’s almost as painful to watch as it is to listen to celebrities pontificating about politics. You hear me, Ms. […]

Texas Holdem – Play by the numbers

Is Poker A Guy Thing?

Suber’s previous entry looks at what type of men like poker, in particular why there are a lot of Jewish winners of poker. Of interest to me as a woman is not so much what type of men, but why mostly men? Several ideas on this… 1. The poker environment. Think of poker and what […]

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