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Study Hopes To Address Online Problem Gambling

Gambling has been prevalent on the internet for many years now attracting its share of players from around the world, both the young and the not so young. Online poker has become a popular form of gambling with thousands of sites in existence providing thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash prizes. […]

Gambling Problem? No Sex For You (And Other Disasters In Your Family)

We know the problem-gambler gets into trouble. But how does his (it’s usually a man) behavior affect everyone around him? Research is beginning to show that pathological gambling contributes to chaos and dysfunction in families, affecting spouses and partners, kids, parents, siblings, employers, and co-workers. Pathological Gambling Runs in Families 10% of family members of […]

True Or False… 1 Out Of 100 ER Visits Are For Gambling Problems

Heart attack?  Gun shot wound?  Appendicitis?  You’ll probably hurry on down to your local emergency room.  But how about for gambling? A recent study out of Canada looked at visits by problem gamblers (PG) to an emergency room near Quebec’s largest casino.  Interesting stats… Who came to the ER?  3 times as many men came in […]

You’re Addicted To Gambling – Now What? Part III: Medication Treatment

Today is the last post in our 3-part series on pathological gambling (PG).  (Here are Post #1 and #2).  Today we’ll look at Medication Treatment for PG. 3 classes of medication have been found to help PG. Opioid Antagonists These medications, like Naltrexone, work the same way that they do with heroin addiction.  The medication […]

You’re Addicted To Gambling – Now What? Part II: Psychological Treatment

This is the 2nd post in our 3-part series on pathological gambling (PG).  (Here’s Post #1.)  Today we’ll look at the treatment for gambling. Treatment is divided into psychological treatment and medication treatment.  One of the most important interventions before treating the actual gambling problem is figuring out if there are also “co-existing” disorders. We know […]

You’re Addicted To Gambling – Now What? Part I: Stats On Addiction

This is the 1st post in a 3-part series on pathological gambling.  And what’s that, you ask??  Pathological gambling is gambling addiction.  Behaviors such as these are diagnostic: – preoccupation with gambling – inability to control gambling behavior – lying to loved ones about gambling – impaired work or social functioning due to gambling (See […]

Could Oats And Hay Be The Newest Treatment For Gambling Addiction? (Put Down Those Playing Cards, And We’ll Throw In A Carrot)

You’re a horse and, in 1 year, you win the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes.  By winning all 3, you have bragging rights to say you were good enough to win the ____________. Yes, it’s a bit far from poker, but you all-around bettors might have guessed the Trifecta or Triple Crown . And […]

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