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How Popular is the World Series of Poker? 6,800 Players are Main Event Entries; a Big Win for Vegas? And Worldwide, More than 75,000 Entries. Wow!

From Vegas, our correspondent (I went to school with him), reports that more than 6,800 Main Event entries began their pursuit of first place cash totaling $8.71 million on July 12. Worldwide, 75,672 entries in 58 different tournaments makes this year’s WSOP the biggest ever. Sponsors are loving it. But more than that, this has […]

Here’s a Poker Player You Don’t Want to Mess With; Ron “Mad Yank” Fanelli Confesses to Murder

Have you heard about the confession of Ron “Mad Yank” Fanelli? He’s a fairly well known poker player…but his days of playing (at least as a free man) are probably over. I saw a news item recently about Fanelli. Apparently, he is now undergoing psychiatric evaluation after confessing to murdering and disposing of the body of […]

Star College Quarterback Suspended for Playing Poker; Are You as Outraged as I am about This?

Look, I know rules is rules and NCAA rules are no nonsense rules. But this story irked me. A pretty good quarterback,Middle Tennessee State quarterback Dwight Dasher has been suspended by the University and the NCAA indefinitely, and will miss the season opener against Minnesota on Thursday. And all because he accepted money to play […]

Trapped Chilean Miners Passing the Time by Playing Poker

I know that I usually write about poker tournaments, or poker players or strategies, but I just couldn’t pass this little bit of upbeat information pass you all by. In case you hadn’t heard… You know…the Chilean miners trapped underground, thank God still alive…but unlikely to be freed for a few months are passing the […]

The French Connection: Get Set for the Partouche Poker Tour, Kicking off in Cannes, France, Late August

UNbelieveable: If you love France (and playing poker), as I do… this might be the time to consider a trip to Cannes. The end of August will see one of France’s largest live poker events being played, as the Partouche Poker Tour (PPT) takesplace on the French Riviera. The event will be held at the […]

A Poker-Playing, Cigar Smoking Supreme Court Justice? Why Not?

It’s pretty awesome to think that Elena Kagan, President Barack Obama’s nominee for Supreme Court Justice is known not just for her intellect (OK, she’s one of the Harvard crowd), but her poker playing and the fact that she smokes cigars. So what? I think it’s pretty cool. It seems to be a big story […]

World Poker Tour to Make Stop in London, Late This Summer (So Make Your Plans to be There)

Well, the World Poker Tour plans to stage a London event this summer have come to fruition. We can confirm that the WPT London Poker Classic will happen between Aug. 29 and Sept. 5at the Palm Beach Casino and Mayfair Hotel. The 5,300 event will have a field of up to 400 runners. London is […]

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