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Full Tilt Poker Looking for Investors; We’ll See if Anyone Bites

Those of you who read this weekly posting KNOW that I hate regurgitating press releases because they are just pap…pablum, hack stuff. But every once in a while something interesting flashes across my screen that I think you might be interested in. So here goes. Take it with a grain of salt. Remember…press releases are […]

How Popular is the World Series of Poker? 6,800 Players are Main Event Entries; a Big Win for Vegas? And Worldwide, More than 75,000 Entries. Wow!

From Vegas, our correspondent (I went to school with him), reports that more than 6,800 Main Event entries began their pursuit of first place cash totaling $8.71 million on July 12. Worldwide, 75,672 entries in 58 different tournaments makes this year’s WSOP the biggest ever. Sponsors are loving it. But more than that, this has […]

Trouble in Paradise: Shutting Down of Online Sites Leaves Poker Companies Cash Poor

Well, damn it. One of three online poker companies named last month in a federal indictment will be forced to enter bankruptcy, leaving American card players with money on deposit with the Absolute and UB poker sites at least temporarily empty handed. I’m not one of those with money on deposit, but I am pissed […]

The Main Event: World Series of Poker Resumes on ESPN. Who Will be Among the November Nine?

If you have ESPN, and who in America doesn’t?…. you know that this Tuesday, the 29th, will see the return of the cabler’s poker coverage, with the cablecast of the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event. Having made the money, returning players will be looking to take their shots at becoming a member of […]

Mac Lovers Rejoice: New Programs Now Compatible for Online Poker

I have a Mac and I can’t play poker online. And I’m pissed off because I can’t. Until now. While millions of online poker players take part in the game throughout the world, my segment of the market  has been frequently overlooked when it comes to online gaming. No more. Those of us who run […]

UltimateBet.com cheating scandal! du duh duuuuuuuh!

Ultimate crybaby Phil Helmuth is the spokesman for UltimateBet.com which has recently been at the center of an alleged cheating ring.

Get Into the Action, When You Don’t Have Time to Play

Want to always be at the table?  Even when you’re doing those other less interesting things… eating…  sleeping…  working…  ? Did you know you can buy stocks and mutual funds that let you bet on betting? Some of the largest casinos are actually companies that you can buy stock in.  Check out these names… Las […]

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