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willing to take the gamble that poker is a skill?

According to this article posted a few days ago, a Colorado court has ruled that poker is a game of skill and is therefore not gambling. The defendants in the case were cleared of charges related to illegal gambling for running a private poker game. By trotting out testimony of the amount of skill relative […]

Pokertron: Rise of the Machines

Here is the sequal to a post from several months back. Check it out here. It seems that Micheal Bowling (pictured below) and his team of computer scientists from the University of Alberta are the new team to beat in Vegas. They have vastly improved their program Polaris. It now has the ability to consistently […]

Trailer Park Casino

They may seem silly or inane, but bumbling criminal stories are funny. Two men in Greenwood Mississippi were caught running illegal video poker machines out of a trailer. Link to the article here It’s no major felony, just a misdemeanor. What’s funny though is that someone called the police to inform them what was going […]

DAMN I’m a stud!

That’s right, stud poker is once again the object of inquiry here on poker moments. I have said many times before that the first serious poker games I played were 7-card stud and it stands to this day as one of my favorites. I read an interesting little article that reminded me of some of […]

Apparently, things are more random in The Netherlands

or maybe their poker players simply aren’t as good. A Mathematics professor in The Netherlands is arguing the status of poker under Dutch law according to this article. The Dutch Betting and Gaming Act recognizes poker as a “game of chance” on par with other casino games. It is not clearly stated in the article […]

Look out Danny Ocean, you’re not the only con in town

Unfortunately for this motley group of would be casino scammers, they did not make out quite so well as Mr. Clooney and  Mr. Pitt did in the Ocean’s 11 films. Four men were recently indicted in an attempted high stakes theft in the Borgata Casino/Hotel according to this article from PressofAtlanticCity.com. Apparently the foursome attempted […]

4 more personal financial lessons

Here is the rest of the list of personal financial lessons that can be learned from the great game of poker. What can’t it do? Lesson 4 – Don’t Buy Into Appearances People put up fronts at the poker table. Everyone knows that. Figuring out what exactly the front is may be more difficult if […]

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