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More Advanced Poker Tips

Many people have asked me down the years how important balance is in poker and just how deeply you need to take your game down these avenues. Well firstly much depends on what levels you want to play. I have been discussing game strategy of late and how level 0, 1,2 and 3 play are […]

Analysing Short Stack Play

I was having a discussion the other day with a colleague about short stack strategies and the effectiveness of them. He wanted to try playing a short stack system and I advised him to learn how to play a deep stack instead. Some years ago the short stack strategy was born and was like many […]

Don’t Be a Weak Limper in NLHE

There are many reasons why you shouldnt open limp in no limit Texas holdem cash games. Limping is often seen as weak whether you are playing six max games or full ring games. While some good players do open limp, I think they are very much in the minority as playing out of position to […]

Fan Favorite, Tournament of Champions Resumes this June

If you enjoy watching poker (almost as much as playing it) then you’ll be like me this June … watching in person when, for the first time in six years, the World Series of Poker will be presenting a Tournament of Champion. Cool, huh? The freeroll will feature 27 players and a $1 million prize […]

World Series of Poker, Europe, Bracelet Goes to New Yorker, Elio Fox, Wins Nearly $2 Million

It was an awesome match, for those who didn’t see it. And the fourth bracelet, at the conclusion of the main event, went to a New Yorker, Elio Fox. He beat out a record field of 592 in the €10,000 buy-in main event to take home the title, his first bracelet, and the top prize of […]

Lawyers to Judge: Online Poker isn’t Really Gambling … and Here’s Why…

I don’t know if you saw this item in the news … but I find it kind of interesting that defense lawyers for a Utah banker and a businessman indicted on gambling charges are attempting to convince a judge that online poker isn’t really gambling. The argument is aimed at crippling a prosecution that seeks to […]

Californians Speak: Gimme (Legal) Online Poker

Seems like Californians are for online poker. If it would help bring more revenue for the cash-starved state. The Field Poll (which I’ve never heard of, I must confess) released one of the first public indications of voter sentiment on an issue that has consumed Capitol negotiations without producing a deal. Fifty-three percent of registered voters […]

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