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How important is pot control?

The best online no limit holdem players will tell you that pot control is a weak concept. The idea that you can control something doesnt really fit in with a game like poker that is largely based on short term chaos. This isnt strictly true of course because there are many things that you can […]

More Advanced Poker Tips

Many people have asked me down the years how important balance is in poker and just how deeply you need to take your game down these avenues. Well firstly much depends on what levels you want to play. I have been discussing game strategy of late and how level 0, 1,2 and 3 play are […]

Being a better hand reader

In games like no limit Texas holdem then hand reading is a very valuable skill. When I say hand reading then I am not just referring to identifying what type of hand you have got or anything as simple as that. I am actually referring to being able to read whether you should value bet, […]

Dont risk more than what you have to

In poker then one of the biggest flaws that prevent players from being able to beat the game is when they place dead money into the pot. This occurs in both tournaments and cash games. Dead money is money that offers very little chance of a return or in some cases no chance at all. […]

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