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Money Management in Online Poker

I have often seen many so called experts in poker say how money management isnt the Holy Grail when it comes to making money. This is true because no amount of money management will make you a successful player if your game is weak or your opponents are too tough. However money management does certain […]

Making Yourself a Tough Poker Player

A few days ago I was having a conversation with a colleague who asked me for poker advice. He was failing to make any kind of meaningful income from the game despite studying and reading numerous books. I asked him to show me a sample poker session in his database and it was obvious to […]

The easiest way to build a poker bankroll

Just like in all forms of gambling, it is easier to make small amounts than it is to make very large amounts. For example you could go into a casino and play roulette and despite the house having the edge, if you goal was to only win $10 and then quit then your chances of […]

Is thinking negatively a good thing?

A wise head once told me some years ago that the key to always keeping your psyche on an even keel in poker was to enter each session thinking like a pessimist. At first I didnt think that this was very good advice but it was only years later did I really begin to see […]

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