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Analysing Short Stack Play

I was having a discussion the other day with a colleague about short stack strategies and the effectiveness of them. He wanted to try playing a short stack system and I advised him to learn how to play a deep stack instead. Some years ago the short stack strategy was born and was like many […]

Don’t Be a Weak Limper in NLHE

There are many reasons why you shouldnt open limp in no limit Texas holdem cash games. Limping is often seen as weak whether you are playing six max games or full ring games. While some good players do open limp, I think they are very much in the minority as playing out of position to […]

Data Sources from the Lobby

There is an awful lot of data that a site lobby can give to you that many players ignore or choose to ignore. At the end of the day then knowledge is power so to speak and there is a multitude of things to be gleaned from a lobby screen. Firstly knowing how many tables […]

Plugging Those Leaks

There are essentially three key areas where both you and your opponents are weak and will spew money. These are either the strength/weakness of your poker game, a poor money management policy and a weak mental state. As a rule then money is lost in poker down one of these three avenues. Which one is […]

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