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How to play better on the turn

Raising on the turn is the best place to raise from in most limit circumstances for several reasons: 1) It’s the big bet and will cost twice as much as a raise on the flop 2) Chasers are really losing pot odds on a 2-bet on the turn 3) It takes control of the hand […]

Playing higher stakes online poker

I was having a discussion the other day with a couple of relatively novice poker players on www.888poker.com who remarked in how low I seemed to play as an online poker pro. They were amazed that I played as low as the $50 and $100 buy-in levels and played full ring instead of the often […]

How to improve your hand reading skill

If a guy raises from middle position in a cash game at saywww.888poker.com know that he only raises with big cards then the mathematics of the situation dictate that he is far more likely to have a big unpaired hand than a premium pair. So AK,AQ,AJ,KQ are his most likely hands and not AA,KK,QQ. But […]

Loving to Play Online Poker

For about half of my life Ive played poker, with friends at their homes, at casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, New Orleans and Pennsylvania. But over the past few years Ive come to enjoy the difference (and what a cool difference it is) between playing online poker and sitting live in a casino, with […]

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