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How to make hands profitable

I was having a discussion with a few people the other day about the merits of playing certain hands differently and one hand we discussed was playing A-Jo in early position in a full ring game. Most people were saying to raise with the hand and a few were saying to fold while some even […]

Can you still turn pro?

As an online professional player then many people have asked me down the years how I do it. The answer is quite simple and it is simply to treat your online poker as if it were a business. For example no business would throw away or discard free money but yet this is what untold […]

The line of least resistance in poker

Beyond the flop in no limit Texas holdem is where you need to be concentrating your efforts. You need to base you play on factors like fold equity, pot equity, isolating and picking up dead money to have any chance of beating decent levels of play. For example let us say that you have a […]

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