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3/Betting Strategy

It stands to reason that the more money that you put onto the table in a poker game that your edge is of greater importance. Let us say that you played against a certain opponent to who you conceded an edge of $2/100 hands. The only justification for playing such an opponent would be if […]

Looking at the long term

I have always felt that in life there is too much need for immediate results. This is fine to a certain extent but in many cases immediate good results are simply not possible and good results cannot be guaranteed or controlled. These days I think you are far better off playing poker part-time and semi-professionally […]

Knowing when to change gears

We can start this article off with an example. A solid player is in the under the gun seat with a stack of 112bb and they limp for $1 in an online no limit Texas holdem full ring $0.50-$1.00 game. It then gets folded around to you in the cut-off seat and you hold the […]

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