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Raising in No Limit Hold’em

Raising in deep stacked no limit cash games needs to be done with care when you are multi-tabling. For example let us look at a hand that could so easily be played online. You have just made a flush on the river and a tight solid opponent bets more than pot. The action went like […]

The science of coolers

The word cooler is a term for a poker hand where as a rule one powerful hand has been beaten by another. Let us look at a hand like 5c-5d for example and we can see that this has definite reverse cooler potential. Now before I continue then I am not saying that you never […]

Don’t create your own losses

Some years ago I was experiencing coolers far more than what I do now. I used to blame these so called unfortunate incidents on the poker gods. The fact was though that it was me that was creating my own downfall so to speak. Like for example because I was a LAG in full ring […]

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