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When Facing Aggression

In no limit Texs Holdem then it is so difficult to get a hand that is strong. This is especially the case in six handed games where the short-handed nature of the game dictates that you simply have to play more hands and get involved more often. So your average hand will be no pair, […]

When to call raises out of position

Small to medium pocket pairs are tricky hands to play when out of position in online poker and especially no limit holdem. This article discusses ways to play these trouble hands in a couple of key areas.   I will start this article off with an example, you limp in the UTG+1 seat in a […]

Taking Your Game to a New Level

In online poker then limit holdem is a much simpler game to play than its no limit cousin. The fact that the betting is structured reduces the complexity of the game enormously. However you still need to adjust very well to how your opponent is playing. At the end of the day then poker is […]

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