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Looking through the looking glass into world class poker

An analogy with poker and the true secret behind what can only be deemed world class play can be seen in the movie The Matrix with Keanu Reeves (remember Game Theory). In that movie, there was a scene if you were not aware where Reeves character Neo is waiting inside a room to see a […]

Using Pot Control When Multi-Tabling

These days I think that there are three main ways to make money playing cash games. The first is to play deep stack and to only single table and to exploit the players who multi-table. Any strong poker player should increase their bb/100 doing this but will also decrease their $/hr figure while increasing their […]

Learning to play Hi-Low Split Games

O/8 like its cousin Omaha high is basically a drawing game and if you are drawing then you had better make damn sure that you are drawing to something that is worth drawing to. The fact of the matter is that an A-2 by itself is simply not worth the effort most of the time. […]

How To Keep Winning

Its impossible to win or lose constantly. Sooner or later, any player (even the most experienced one) loses. However, those players who are concentrated on the game itself rather than on the idea of winning are always successful. In this article, we will tell you how to keep winning at online casinos. We recommend you […]

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