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Assessing what your image is

When you play at lower levels then your opponents are doing everything at a lower levelincluding watching you. At higher levels of play then your opponents are watching you very closely. This is why it is easier to get away with playing so many tables at lower levels because your opponents are not scrutinising your […]

Advice for better NLHE play

Let us say that it gets folded around to you in the cut-off seat and you have a playable hand like the 10c-9c in no limit Texas holdem pokerjust what sorts of mistakes can you make here? Well firstly you have a playable hand and so you really shouldnt be folding that hand. Probably around […]

Infographic: Fearless Predictions for the 2013 Main Event

A dream of every poker player, amateur and professional, is to win the WSOP Main Event, an historic poker tournament in Las Vegas. I know it’s a dream of mine. Below is an amusing infographic that not only tells about the history of this celebrated tournament, it alsorevealssome interestingand “fearless” predictions of what will happen […]

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