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Switching from six max to full ring

It is probably common knowledge to many of the regular readers of my blog that I play full ring above six max. I do this for several reasons but the main reasons are that full ring games are easier to make money at in my opinion and they fit my personality. I cant think of […]

Looking at standard bet sizing in poker

I was having a discussion with a colleague a few days ago about bet sizing in poker and that standard bet sizes dont work because they reveal too much about your hand. Well I can see the logic and standard default bet sizes are pretty inflexible and anything that is inflexible is by definition weakor […]

Practicing Sound Money Management

You may have heard of the term money management and thought that you knew what it meant with regards to no limit Texas holdem. However money management means much more than just having some correct number of theoretical buy-ins for a certain level! Money management is something that should be adhered to on a hand […]

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