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Why is NLHE so difficult to crack for many?

No limit Texas Holdem is one of the most difficult games to master for many novice and intermediate players for one very simple reason. This is essentially because holdem is a two card game unlike the four that you have to work with in games like Omaha. So what are the ramifications of playing poker […]

Pot Escalation in NLHE

Geometric escalation in no limit holdem One of the key factors that affects why many novice poker players fail to make money is in the concept of geometric escalation. This is that an object has the capacity to expand at a much faster rate once it begins the process of expansion. Let me quote an […]

Evolving your poker strategy

I have become a very keen student of financial trading over the past few years and this is an area that I am slowly but surely moving into. The similarities with poker are striking and pricing options and no limit ring games have many of the same redeeming qualities and characteristics. So much so that […]

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