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Making the Switch

There are many poker sites online at this time and I have played at most of the major ones in my time. The latest one to catch my eye has been Switch Poker and for very good reasons. Firstly Switch Poker are rewarding players who bring their friends to the site with their unique Aeroplane […]

Playing Multiple Tables

One of the great advantages that online poker holds over its live cousin is the ability to play multiple tables. Professional poker players, such as Randy Nanonoko Lew and Bertrand ElkY Grospellier hold legendary status for their ability to play vast amounts of tables whilst still maintaining a profit. So, why would players play so […]

Why it is Important not to Overvalue Pocket Aces

There is no denying that pocket aces are the best hole cards in poker. Statistically, they have an advantage over every other hand, so getting them is a big deal, but playing them correctly and not overvaluing them is the only way to make sure you have the best chance of winning with them. Here, […]

Learn different forms of poker with AceSpade software

Holdem, holdem, holdem… It’s all we hear about these days, but what are the real pros playing? Any guesses? Well, it was a trick question, the top pros play everythingboth live and online. The ‘big game’ in Vegas (With participants including Doyle, Ivey, Negreanu, Elezra, Harman, etc) is a $4000-$8000 limit mixed game, usually HORSE. […]

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