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Who doesnt want to be a Very Important Person (VIP)? Even the most reserved among us harbour secret delights to be treated in a special way. It makes you feel great, it makes you smile, it makes you laugh and it makes you happy. Happiness is everything and if being a VIP contributes to that […]

Playing AK with skill

The prettiest looking non-paired hand in the game can often be more of a hindrance than a help. So, lets look at how to play it correctly, something whichwww.pubfruitmachines.co.uk will be interested in. Pre-flop, AK sparkles. Players play it hard and fast, often too hard and fast. Remember that it is only a drawing hand, […]

Tips For Good Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping at night then the reasons can be manifold. For some, temporary insomnia occurs as a result of stress at work or home or after a recent traumatic experiences, for others it can be as simple as a case of having an uncomfortable mattress or curtains that are not heavy enough. […]

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