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Think Like a “Titan”; 6th Anniversary Tournament an Attractive Play

I got this P.R. from titanpoker.com the other day. Oh, geez. Another B.s. email, self promoting crap. And then I realized, hey, this is titan and I’ve played on titanpoker and actually enjoyed. It is European based and I played it when I was in Europe, by the way. Now, to celebrate its 6th anniversary, Titan […]

Full Tilt Poker Looking for Investors; We’ll See if Anyone Bites

Those of you who read this weekly posting KNOW that I hate regurgitating press releases because they are just pap…pablum, hack stuff. But every once in a while something interesting flashes across my screen that I think you might be interested in. So here goes. Take it with a grain of salt. Remember…press releases are […]

So U.S. Baseball Superstar Likes to Play High Stakes Poker? Could Get Him in Hot Water (as in Suspended)

OK, so according to all the news reports I’ve read, seen and heard, Yankees’s all star third baseman (and future hall of famer) Alex Rodriguez is being investigated for allegedly playing in a high stakes (illegal) poker game. “We take this very seriously and have been investigating this matter since the initial allegation,” MLB said […]

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