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Italian Player Rakes in 80,000 Euros in Barcelona No Limit Hold ’em Tournament

While most of the world watched Barcelona defeat Manchester United in football, Italian Pasquale de Simone reigned in Spain at the Full Tilt Series, at the Casino Barcelona. How good did he do? Pretty damned good. De Simone took the title and 80,000 euros in winnings. A mixed bag of Europeans, with the odd Mexican […]

And Now for Something Completely Different: Eyewear for Poker Stars a Must? Blue Shark Optics Gets the Sponsorship

Blue Shark Optics™, the global poker eyewear manufacturer, is announcing today a strategic sponsorship of the World Series of Poker® (WSOP), the largest, richest and most prestigious gaming event in the world. Effective immediately, a press release says, Blue Shark Optics™ is an official sponsor and the brand will be highly visible during all WSOP […]

After Black Friday (of Online Poker…April 15), Players Gravitating to Smaller, Less Well-Known Sites to Play

Did the U.S. government actually think that closing down major online casinos would end online gambling? Look, the feds are smart. They had to know that gamblers would just gravitate to lesser known sites. And that’s exactly what is happening, according to players who email me. While Absolute Poker, UB.com, Full Tilt Poker, and PokerStars […]

Why no limit hold’em is so tough

There are often debates in the poker world regarding which is the toughest form of poker to play. Exponents of limit Texas Hold em poker often say it is this game while PLO specialists claim that their game of choice is the toughest. Having played all of the games to a fair level then I […]

Forces Gearing Up to Lobby for a U.S. Online Poker Bill

After all the tumult caused by the busting of online gambling officials, the industry, quite rightly, is fighting back. The American Gaming Association (AGA) is now working towards an online poker bill, which will likely be introduced to the U.S. Congress in the next month or so, as lawmakers and casino executives have been in […]

Trouble in Paradise: Shutting Down of Online Sites Leaves Poker Companies Cash Poor

Well, damn it. One of three online poker companies named last month in a federal indictment will be forced to enter bankruptcy, leaving American card players with money on deposit with the Absolute and UB poker sites at least temporarily empty handed. I’m not one of those with money on deposit, but I am pissed […]

A Personal Note To All Who Read This Posting Regularly

To those who read this posting regularly… I hope you all will forgive me. My son was in an accident and was operated on Saturday. He is OK, but not recovering as quickly as doctors had hoped. So please, send me your good thoughts. And I’ll get back to postings this week.  

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