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Off to Jail, Do Not Pass Go: Hacker who Stole 7.4 Million British Pounds Sentenced to Two Years Behind Bars

Now this is interesting. A man from Devon, accused of  stealing virtual Zynga Poker chips worth £7.4 million has been jailed for 2 years by Exeter Crown Court after pleading

How does deep stack strategy differ from short stack strategy?

When playing a short stack it is generally recommended to play a tight but aggressive (TAG) style, waiting for premium hands and trying to get all your chips in early in the hand, be it pre-flop or on the flop. Those normally associated with Scratch Cards Online should note how most tournaments will end up […]

Here Come the Bots (Ro-Bots, That is); Online Casinos Looking to Stop the Invasion

Those of us who gamble online always knew they were out there. Computer geeks are too smart to risk their money, when a robot (Think IBM’s Watson) could play for you, figure out all the odds, and win. Now the casinos are getting wise to the bots. An article in the NY Times this past […]

Full House Poker Comes to Phone 7 Users

Good news for all Windows Phone 7 users. Our friends (?) at Microsoft are bringing Full House Poker (which I absolutely love playing) to their systems. Target date is mid week, about March 16. The game will be the mobile alternative, and indeed companion,  to the Xbox 360 version.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Last year I managed to convince someone to stake me and my friend in the Pokerstars Sunday Million. The excitement was palpable. We prepared ourselves for a long night of concentration and tense decisions.

Seidel Pockets $750,000 As Winner of National Heads-Up Poker Championship

I love  watching Erik Seidel play poker. I mean, learn so much about bluffing… playing the odds, when to go all in and when not to. So I was pretty happy when Seidel beat an elite field of 63 of poker’s best to win the seventh annual National Heads-Up Poker Championship (NHPC) presented by GoDaddy.com, at […]

How to Get Paid Off With Big Hands

The Hollywood hands in poker (AA, KK, QQ) should fill you with joy when you look down and see them in front of you. But many players don’t make the most of these monster hands, or worse, they see them as a curse rather than a blessing. Everyone remembers the time their AA got cracked […]

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