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Bankroll Management

Keeping your finances under control is of vital importance in all aspects of life, and those normally associated with Scratch Cards should note that poker is no different. Once your money is down on the table you must accept that it can go as quickly as it can come.


‘He’s got position so he must raise.’ ‘Out of position he doesn’t stand a chance.’ Why does where you are seated at a poker table matter? All will hopefully be explained, even to those used to looking at Scratch Cards Online in this article. Early Position (EP): The first few players to the left of […]

Casino: land or online?

When it comes to casino games, we all know how fun and entertaining an experience it can be. Traditionally, the land casino was king, with the whole experience of going to a casino with some friends, playing some casino games and having one or two drinks really difficult to beat on a weekend. However, with […]

European Poker Tour’s Main Event Moved to Madrid, Spain This Year

I think this is pretty cool. PokerStars (we all know and love them) is setting it’s European Poker Tour Grand Final in Madrid, Spain. It is, of course, the culmination of the season and it will start May 7 at the Casino Gran Madrid, and run to May 12. In euros, the festival will feature […]

When Palm Beachers Gamble, All is Well in the World: WSOP Comes to the Kennel Club

I spent quite a few years working in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach. And yes, I have even been inside Donald Trump’s Mar a Lago mansion, even though I am not rich. So I am happy to see this very cool event coming to the land of the rich and famous. The World Series […]

Tarheel State (North Carolina) Ponders Legalizing Video Poker

When you need money, you’ll do almost anything. Right? It’s the same no matter where you look…. from individuals to legislatures. Even lawmakers dead set against lotteries and gambling have changed their tune, rather than raise taxes. So now legislators in the great state of North Carolina are thinking about video poker.

Hacker Steals $12 Million in Virtual Poker Chips

Don’t you think stuff like this happens all the time? I mean, a computer hacker stealing virtual chips? This time, the hacker was caught. And he has admitted stealing $12 milion worth of poker chips

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