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Grandfather Pockets $2,000,000 in Australian Poker Tournamanet

From Melbourne, Australia comes this all too cool story about a grandfather who is a pretty damn good poker player. David Gorr a 68-year-old Malvern, Australia grandfather defeated a field of 721 to win $2 million in the world’s second-richest poker tournament,

New Poker App (POKER BUDDIES 1.0) a Cool Way to Play with Friends Using iPad, iPhone

I’m always on the lookout for new Apps that are compatible with my Mac equipment. I am NO tech nerd. In fact, quite the opposite (just ask anyone in my family). So it has to be easy to install and easy to use. Enter Poker Buddies 1.o, which lets players challenge their friends to multiple, simultaneous […]

Full Tilt Poker Offers Up Multi-Player Tournament; Sounds Very Cool

This past wee Full Tilt Poker (one of my favorite sites) kicked off what they are calling its first Multi-Entry tournament. It’s a new feature presented by this very cool online poker site. What makes this new format unique is that players can use their buy-in options one at a time or simultaneously.

Nice Promotion at Full Tilt Poker; You Might Want to Check it Out

I never reprint press releases (as you know) because of their self serving nature. I mean, what is the truth when everything you hear about is the best, or the first ever…etc etc Every once in a while, though, I hear about something that you might be interested in, such as Full Tilt Poker (online) […]

New Year’s poker task: check our own game

The 2011 has started and at this time every year many people write a list of wishes for 2011. This tradition includes poker players, even if their wishes tend to differ from the rest: their wishes are different from the traditional ones: want to lose weight, quit smoking or point to the gym and spend […]

Go Tell the Titan: Online Poker Site Offering Discounts, Trying to Catch Your Attention (It Did Mine)

OK… I know this is an advertisement in a way (and I hate being a shill), but this sounds like a good deal for those of us who play poker online. Anyway, it’s worth a look. Anyone who has played at titanpoker.com, please let me know about your experience. I plan on playing this weekend,

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