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Caribbean Draw Poker Game Launched by All Slots (Online)

So what’s new this New Year? Well, if you go to All Slots Casino (one of my favorite stops online), you’ll find that they’ve launched CARIBBEAN DRAW POKER. What’s that, you ask? A progressive  jackpot online table game developed by Microgaming. The online casino, which specializes in slots, has been busy during the holidays adding several […]

To All Our Loyal Viewers Around the World…

We wish you and your family a very, merry Christmas. And many wins at your favorite casino. We’re “All In” with you.

Changes in WSOP Circuit Best Move of 2010 (Are You as Excited About the 2011 Championship as I am?)

I like what the World Series of Poker did this past summer to heighten interest in tournament play. Don’t you? Look, something had to be done.  Interest in the circuit was in need of change. TV revenue was drying up, as were viewer ratings. I’m not talking about me. I always watch tournaments on TV. […]

Playing Poker Online: For Beginners, Take Tutorials, Play Free and Then Win

Every once in a while viewers email me asking about the nuances of poker playing, and I always say that what I do here every week is report on trends, games, tournaments, players and… yes, strategies. In other words, I’m not pretending to be an expert. I love playing. I win. I lose. But I […]

Wow: Can You Believe it? American Gaming Association (the Casino Industry Trade Group) Comes Out in Support of Legalizing Online Poker

I was surprised to see on Friday that the casino industry’s top trade group, The American Gaming Association, has come out in support of online poker. This is the same effort being made by

Legalizing Online Poker Bill (Draft Version) Being Circulated in Washington D.C. Does it Have a Chance in Hell of Passing?

I read this report online (so it must be true, right?) that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada), has been circulating a draft bill that will legalize online poker in the United States. I knew I liked something about Harry. Staffers for Reid, as well as supporters of the legislation, have said that such a […]

Mediterranean Poker Club Main Event 2010 Crowns Dovzehnko; He Wins $136,485

He’s done it again. For the second time. Ukrainian poker pro Aleksandr Dovzhenko has won the  Mediterranean Poker Cup Main Event 2010, taking out a worthy field of 153 players over three days.’ His winnings are €104,700 (or about $136,485 USD). Dovzhenko’s win in Cyprus represents his second biggest prize ever and he has now […]

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