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Youth Poker: College Age Kids Play, and Now it’s Being Taught in Some High Schools

A friend named Abe sent me a story in the Washington Post that caught my attention and will hopefully catch yours as well. It’s about poker clubs IN HIGH SCHOOLS. Revolutionary concept? I dunno, but I can say that the closest thing I ever came to gambling in school was a behind the school craps […]

Here’s a Poker Player You Don’t Want to Mess With; Ron “Mad Yank” Fanelli Confesses to Murder

Have you heard about the confession of Ron “Mad Yank” Fanelli? He’s a fairly well known poker player…but his days of playing (at least as a free man) are probably over. I saw a news item recently about Fanelli. Apparently, he is now undergoing psychiatric evaluation after confessing to murdering and disposing of the body of […]

World Series of Poker Main Event Winner, a 23 Year-Old Canadian, Reflects on His Extraordinary Run to the Championship

I couldn’t have been happier about the results of this year’s World Series of Poker Main Event result if I had planned it all out myself. Go figure. What’s it like to be 23 years old and on top of the poker playing world. Huh? What’s it like Jonathan Duhamel… to be a multi millionaire […]

Is Xbox Live Planning Full House Poker Game? Stay Tuned

Anyone who follows this posting knows that I HATE running press releases because they are always so slanted. I’d rather try something out and report on it to you. Or have YOU try something and let all of us know about it. But I’ll make an exception today because of a new Microsoft game…involving XBox […]

World Poker Tour Finals at Foxwoods Crowns a Champion

All hail the champion. The final table of the 2010 World Poker Tour World Poker Finals $10,000 no-limit hold’em main event began on Tuesday at Foxwoods Resort Casino. A large number of draw outs took the final table past 200 hands, and past the midnight hour into Wednesday before crowning a champion. Players moved all in […]

Celebrities and Poker: A Cool List Post on Girls Talkin Smack

I just saw a cool list post on Girls Talkin Smack.  It’s of 18 celebrities who play poker.  And there are images of each of the celebrities playing poker. I knew that Jennifer Tilly and Ben Affleck were considered serious poker players.  But Adam Sandler and Sarah Silverman?  Who knew?  It would be pretty amazing […]

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