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Star College Quarterback Suspended for Playing Poker; Are You as Outraged as I am about This?

Look, I know rules is rules and NCAA rules are no nonsense rules. But this story irked me. A pretty good quarterback,Middle Tennessee State quarterback Dwight Dasher has been suspended by the University and the NCAA indefinitely, and will miss the season opener against Minnesota on Thursday. And all because he accepted money to play […]

Trapped Chilean Miners Passing the Time by Playing Poker

I know that I usually write about poker tournaments, or poker players or strategies, but I just couldn’t pass this little bit of upbeat information pass you all by. In case you hadn’t heard… You know…the Chilean miners trapped underground, thank God still alive…but unlikely to be freed for a few months are passing the […]

Norwegian Pro Takes EPT Estonia Event; A Good Way to Start the Tour

Sometimes, entering the final table with a substantial chip lead isn’t enough. Just ask pro poker star Arnaud Mattern, of France. The Pokerstars European Tournament’s Estonia event endedwith the surprise defeat of Mattern, who had entered the final table with a substantial chip lead, but managed only a third place finish. Disappointing. The first event […]


The three-bet is an aggressive move that, when pulled off correctly, can be immensely profitable. When pulled off incorrectly, it can make you look like a fool, or worse, a poor fool. To ‘three-bet’ is to make the third bet in the round e.g. someone makes a bet, someone raises that bet, then you re-raise, […]

Poker Playing “Loser” is a Winner; it’s All About the Name

This is a story one of my U.K. scribes sent me the other day. It obviously happened in Europe, but I think it’s pretty funny. The definition of lower is:a person with a record of failing; someone who loses consistently. Ok, I’ll buy that. It would hardly be considered the most flattering name for a […]

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