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Bankers Busted in Hong Kong for Playing Poker

Did you know that playing poker in Hong Kong is illegal? Well, it is. And that’s what gotMichael Tan Boon Suan, a Merrill Lynch banker, in trouble. He was busted along with seven others y for participating in an illegal game of Texas Hold ’em. The news of the bust came from the Wall Street […]

The Young Guns and the Main Event; The Final Table Should Be Enormously Entertaining

I usually don’t run INDUSTRY ARTICLES because they are pure P.R. and my job, as I see it, as a poker lover, is to give you MY opinions on things, find answers for YOU and entertain YOU. Point you in the direction of some cool things. But this industry blog is good because it is […]

Never Let Your Opponents Have Control over You

There’s no room for compassion at the poker table. Opponents are opponents; it doesn’t matter if outside of the table they are your friends. Therefore they must be treated according to what they are. Bear in mind that if you show any sign of weakness, they will exploit just as you are planning to do […]

The French Connection: Get Set for the Partouche Poker Tour, Kicking off in Cannes, France, Late August

UNbelieveable: If you love France (and playing poker), as I do… this might be the time to consider a trip to Cannes. The end of August will see one of France’s largest live poker events being played, as the Partouche Poker Tour (PPT) takesplace on the French Riviera. The event will be held at the […]

WSOP’s Main Event A Smashing Event, with 7,319 Entries (Second Most Ever)

You think people aren’t in to the World Series of Poker (season began in May)? Forgettaboutit. As Tony Soprano might say. Bad economy or no, people are still going to the WSOP’s main event this week in Vegas. This year’s Main Event drew 7,319 entries, second most in the 41-year history of a tournament that […]

California Online Poker Bill Stalled by Author; Says He has Second Doubts

It’s an outrage. I’m pissed off. At California Senator Rod Wright…who authored a legalize online poker bill…and is now seeing that it is stalled in committee. His decisioncame this week the same day that the bill was scheduled to come up for vote. Wright said the bill needed a lot of work and he […]

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